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Kuala Lumpur

April 19, 2012


I gotta say, making Kuala Lumpur my first stop in Southeast Asia was a stroke of genius. What better place to start what may at times be a frenetic trip than a town I’ve already been to? Having already seen KL’s major tourist sights, I was under no particular pressure to do anything at all. I headed to my hostel from the airport, exhausted from staying up all night for the sake of beating Super Mario 3, Super Mario 1, and Mega Man 2 with some buddies in Seoul. Upon checking in, I showered and took a nap… that ended up being 14 hours long. Good times.

Since I didn’t particularly need to, say, go to the top of KL Tower or visit the National Mosque since I’d already done it, I focused my energy into practical things, like getting malaria medicine and vaccinations, shopping, and hanging out with people I met in the hostel.

I’ll go ahead and give the hostel, Reggae Mansion, a plug here. Top notch joint with a beaute of a roof bar. The group I happened to fall into was pretty awesome as well. I already made plans to meet a couple of them further down the road.

One highlight, as always on these sorts of trips, was getting off the beaten track. Our group was walking along through the touristy portion of KL, looking to get a bite, but the night markets had closed early. We passed a random parked car with a guy sitting in it. Robert, a Canadian with a silver tongue and a black AMEX, struck up a conversation with the man in the driver’s seat. All five of us ended up piling into the little car and the guy drove us down to a Malay neighborhood with a lot of restaurants. We ended up having an awesome Malay feast at midnight, and going to town on the Mee Goreng and fresh fish.

And now, some pics of the big city.


This is Masjid Jamek, a cool mosque in between two streams as well as the namesake for my local subway station.


This is the evening view from the hostel roof bar. KL Tower and the Petronas Towers are in the background.


Night view of the same.


The rooftop bar was pretty hopping.


The dome at the Islamic Art Museum

Good old food porn, from the aforementioned Malay feast.


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