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Bag packed

April 21, 2012

This is my first time backpacking in the long term, but I’m no rookie at international travel in general. Still, I’m sure my pack itself has some asinine mistakes. Let’s take a look at what is essentially my house for the next few months.

Here is the gear itself. Essentially, it’s three parts. The pack itself, my jacket that converts into a vest, and my boots, strapped to the bottom. So far, I’ve worn the boots three times total, and only once since I bought my hiking sandals. Kinda wish I didn’t have them…

Here is the vest and it’s contents at the time. This includes my wallet, sunglasses, gum, mints, a compass, backup headphones (there are other headphones in the vest itself,) sunscreen, bug cream, my student i.d. (hey, why pay full price for movies or museums?) the jacket sleeves, and of course my iPad. Not pictured: my iPhone, since it took the picture.

Here’s what’s in my pack’s side pockets. Flip-flops, bluetooth keyboard, bluetooth speakers, and a hand warmer/emergency device charger.

Here’s one of my stuff bags containing travel stuff, like lighters, more bug cream, a book I haven’t read, a sleep mask, Carmex, a head lamp, a small quick drying towel, a lock, and more gum. Also, as a tip of the cap to my old man, a beer coozy.

This stuff bag is the backbone of the trip. I pretty much have to keep this one keistered at all times. Passport, passport copy, passport pics, bank book, international driver’s license, credit cards, and emergency cash. Plus, a clearly necessary Subway stamp card that is only valid at one particular Subway restaurant in Seoul which only needs two stamps for a free sub.

Electrics that live in an empty Crown Royal bag. Plug converters, ghetto camera, ghetto cell phone, chargers, SD card reader, emergency alarm clock, and a fake Hong Kong Rolex.

More stuff. Day bag, inflatable seat, another quick dry towel (these have already been totally worth it), jungle hat, KU cap, belt, pillow case to stuff clothes into, and for some reason a stocking cap, in case I climb the Himalayas or something.

Clothes. I definitely have too many. A long sleeved shirt, a button-up shirt, five T-shirts, 6 pairs of boxers, swim trunks, two pairs of shorts, track pants for airplanes, one pair of cargo pants, and like 6 pairs of socks when I really only need two since I’m usually in sandals.

Toiletry kit. Again, leaning a little toward overkill here. Do I really need TWO toothbrushes? How long do I plan on being on the road, seven years?

My shoes.

Well, that’s the whole load, other than the book I’m reading now and my Malaysia Lonely Planet, which for some reason didn’t make any of the pictures. No worries though, as both those books will find a new home at a hostel book-exchange within the next week

Tell me, fellow travelers, what do you think? What’s in your bag?


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