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April 25, 2012


Melaka was the farthest extent of planning that I did for this trip. I knew that I would be spending a week in Seoul, that I would hang out in Kuala Lumpur for a bit, and that I had a week to kill somewhere (turned out to be Tioman), and I knew that I was meeting my buddy Scottie and his girlfriend in Melaka. Of course, I did no planning for when I got into town. Getting there from Tioman took all day.

I ended up in a situation that I generally try to avoid, backpacker purgatory, in which I arrived in an unfamiliar large city late at night with no room booked, thus having to walk the streets with all of my stuff. Some people I met in Tioman had recommended Ringo’s Foyer, but since internet on Tioman sucks I had no reservation. Unsurprisingly on a Saturday night, Ringo’s was full. So was the place next door. I ended up at a midrange Chinese hotel since I didn’t feel like knocking on anymore doors.

To be fair, after spending a month couch surfing in America and Korea, and the last 10 days in dorms or a rustic bungalow, it was nice to have a regular hotel room with air conditioning and my own bathroom with a hot shower and TV and wifi for a couple nights.

I did spend my second two nights at Ringo’s. It was a fan-cooled dorm with cold showers, but it had wifi and a roof garden and free coffee and an awesome owner, and it was 5 bucks a night. Harold, the owner, also helped me figure out where to go next. Rather than head to Sumatra, which had recently been hit by a major earthquake, I would be going to Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands. I’m getting ahead of myself though. First, Melaka, in pictures.

Downtown Melaka is pretty happening on a Saturday Night. I met a random group of people and ended up poorly singing “Sweet Home Alabama” at a Chinese karaoke bar.

Scottie and Yo, meta.

Melaka really keeps up its little river. There are lots of cafes and bars to hang out and watch the pleasure boats roll by.

Rialto Bridge copy.


Melaka has a lot of religious buildings – Dutch and Portuguese churches, Chinese temples, and old mosques.

Everything is lit up red all over town. It’s just like Amsterdam, only there aren’t any whores or drugs, and it’s about 11,000 degrees warmer.

Holden Caulfield would be so upset.

Sunday night is a little less busy. We were the last ones at the hawker center, and this is only around 11 p.m. This picture was not taken by me or with my camera, which is why it’s of much higher quality than the others.

A statue of Malaysia’s most famous bodybuilder. Hey, why not?

A highlight of this trip was a visit to the local night market. Sure, I hung out in the Chinatown weekend market with all the tourists, but this one was in a residential area and was much more local. Harold, the owner of Ringo’s, took me and a couple of other people there. This market only runs on Tuesday nights, so Happy Tuesday! The remainder of my pics are from this market.

Maybe the weirdest looking fruit I’ve ever seen. These are durian-lite from what I heard. Durian flavor without the durian smell.

Using my hand for scale here. These were the biggest bananas I’ve ever seen. Bah, there’s no good way to write that. Add your own dick joke here.

Again, my hand for scale. Tiny apples.

Next up – Cameron Highlands!


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