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May 6, 2012


After a dull morning in Ko Lanta, I rode a minibus to Krabi town. The bus was packed with the usual assortment of Euro-trash, and I was feeling pretty un-enthused. We stopped at Krabi International Airport on the way into town, and I considered jumping out of the bus and buying a ticket to Bangkok, or Brazil, or New York, or Timbuktu. I was a little over the three-week mark of my trip (one month if you count Korea, two months if you count Kansas, six years if you want to go back to the last time I lived with all of my stuff) and I was feeling a bit weary.

I didn’t, of course. I rode the bus into town, I found a hostel, and talked to the friendly Norwegians staying in my dorm room. I walked around Krabi town a bit. Seemed nice enough, but at that moment, I wasn’t that interested in Krabi. I wanted nachos. In fact, I wanted nachos and a Miller Lite or PBR while I watched the Royals lose. I wanted to argue with people over the Chiefs’ draft picks. I ate the closest thing I could find – a “cheeseburger.” I use the quotation marks because this was definitely not beef. It may have been chicken, or pork, or snake, I really don’t know. Said it before and I’ll say it again – burger means moo.

After lunch, I walked around a little more. I saw an interesting looking temple, but it was across the street from where I was, so that was clearly out. Instead, I went back to the hostel for a nap.

Krabi picked up quite a bit at night. It was Saturday night after all, and I hadn’t really gone out, i.e., stay out after 11 and drink more than two beers, in a week. Most bars were dead, especially the roof bar at my hostel, but I found a cool group of English teachers working in Japan at a nearby bar. After beers and Jenga, we headed to a really hopping bar. It was somebody’s birthday party, but everyone was invited, and there was plenty of free food, whiskey, and other stuff. This was no backpacker dive either, the party featured a pretty solid mix of locals, lifers, backpackers, and vacationers. My malaise had passed. I was happy to be in Krabi.

I spent the next three days exploring the town and the natural surroundings. As you can see here, there are plenty of reasons to smile in these parts.

Ao Nang Beach. Turns out, this would be the ugliest beach I would see in the next week, even though it’s not ugly at all.

Tiger Temple from the road.

My reaction to the fact that I would be climbing up to it.

Today’s ride. Not as cool as my bike in Ko Lanta.

A lot of these stairs were two-feet high.

Go up, up, up the mountain ahead.

The Buddha at the top.

Limestone monoliths are all over Krabi province. View from the temple.

More temple top. I was up there a while.


Monkeys at the top.

The temple in Krabi town. I eventually made it there.

West Rai Leh beach. The last picture is also from there.



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  1. Jan (Mom) permalink

    Beautiful! But I’ll never get used to the fact that you encounter monkeys in much the same way we encounter squirrels. That is REALLY cool. (Be very careful on that bike!)

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