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July 8, 2012


Dumaguete is probably my favorite place in the Philippines, and the Philippines is probably my favorite country to visit. Digging Duma is basically in my DNA. It’s a college town with around 100,000 people, has tons of cool restaurants, a thriving live music scene, an inordinate number of pretty girls, a love of basketball, and has one of the most impressive bar-to-resident ratios of any city I’ve been to. Yep, Duma is the closest thing to good old Lawrence, Kansas that one could find in Asia.

Dumaguete is the capital of the Negros Oriental province of the Philippines, easily the most unintentionally racist place name that I know of. Negros Oriental is a great place to hang out though, complete with beaches, top-notch diving, waterfalls, and towering mountains. Other than the beach, I took advantage of none of these natural resources.

Why? Because Dumaguete was my vacation from this vacation. I met up with my friend Cores, who I met a year and a half ago or so, and we spent our time hanging out in cafes, doing crossword puzzles, watching TV, riding motorcycles, and generally being lazy. It’s amazing how doing nothing can make a week go by faster than my usual shenanigans on this trip like visiting temples and hiking through the jungle and hanging out at the bar at 4 a.m.

Once again, I leveled up my ability in motorbiking. My new challenge was riding a manual bike, which was easier than I thought it would be. It was still a pretty small bike, and it didn’t have a clutch to shift gears, although the foot brake took some getting used to as I had only dealt with handbrakes up until now. It was also the worst bike that I’d rented. One of the mirrors was loose and I couldn’t get it to stay in its place. Neither the speedometer nor the gas gauge worked, but this wasn’t much of a problem. Duma has a lot of gas stations, and like the rest of Southeast Asia, extremely lax traffic law enforcement.

On to the pics!


The bike of the day, and the worst of the bunch.

The sea. Duh.



The port.


One of the many live music joints in town. This picture sucked, my flash went off and the glare from that girl’s hair kinda ruined it, but my other pics of the band were even worse.

Cores digs the band.

The scene outside the bar. All the live music joints in town are like this. People that don’t feel like buying food or drinks at the bar hang out on their motorcycles and watch the band.

The sea view from the roof of Harold’s Mansion, my go-to spot to crash whenever I’m in town.

Took this picture from the same spot after turning 180 degrees.

One last look at the Dumaguete airport.


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