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July 9, 2012


There are ghosts in Siquijor, you know?

That’s the rumor at least. Siquijor is a small-ish island an hour or so from Dumaguete, depending on the speed of the boat. It’s also Lonely Planet’s number one ranked place to check out in the Philippines, so I decided it was worth a look.

I started by renting a bike, and hit yet another level of riding – going with a passenger. Cores had a couple days off work, so she joined me on the trip. I got a scooter, since the dude I rented from (Romeo, no shit) had one available. It was a little better than my bike in Dumaguete, but not much. It kept stalling out going down hills, and the gas gauge didn’t work. Unlike in Dumaguete, this actually came into play since I managed to run out of gas at one point. Fortunately, I was about 11 feet from the gas station at the time, and it may have been the only gas station in town.

We splurged a bit on a room and stayed at the Marmarine Resort, easily the most expensive and the nicest place that I’ve stayed at any point on this trip. The Marmarine was a little beachfront place with four cottages, and it was run by a Japanese guy who was obsessed with tennis. I think we were the only guests that were not Japanese nor tennis players. I suppose this guy knows his niche – I would assume that 100% of all tennis-loving Japanese tourists in Siquijor would stay at this hotel.

We spent a couple days riding the bike around, but mostly hanging out at the resort since it was such a nice place to be.


The old church in the main town.

Kind of a funny billboard at the port.

The outdoor shower/bath at the Marmarine. Pretty baller.

The deck.

View from the deck.


I’ve taken a picture of every motorbike on this trip. This is prolly the best one (picture, not motorbike).

I also can’t resist pics of free range livestock.

Cores at the beach.

My next post will be from the opposite of Siquijor – The hellhole that is Angeles City.


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