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Angkor Thom

August 8, 2012


Like my recent post on Angkor Wat, this post will be short on words and longer on pics. This also marks the first time that I have an two entire blog posts based on a single day.

Angkor Thom was the largest pre-industrial city in the world, with over a million people at its peak. Within its city walls lie a number of major temples built and used by the Khmer kings 800 some years ago. My pictures include Bayon, Baphoun, and others that I’ll introduce in the captions.

On to the pics!

This is the bridge over the moat into Angkor Thom.

This is the entrance to Bayon Temple, one of the heavyweights of the Angkor complex. The next few pictures are from there as well.





This is Baphoun, as is the next shot. I think.


Finally, we finish with a couple of shots of Preah Palilay, at least that’s my best guess. We kind of stumbled upon this temple in the far corner of Angkor Thom. It’s a bit of a Ta Prohm preview.



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  1. Good pictures. I love Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat! I just posted my cambodia trip part I and II. Will work on Angkor Wat next.

    • Hey, thanks for the comment. I just checked out your posts on Angkor, awesome stuff!

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